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The company is active in the designing and manufacturing weapon Fire Control Systems, stabilised servo-controlled Mounts and Directors for integration with a variety of payloads (including radars and electro-optical sensors), electric Turret Drives and Motion Simulators.

The two pictures on the right illustrate some examples of final Systems where our products are present: a Turning Unit for a coastal Radar Antenna and a Servo-system for a Rocket Launcher.

The company adopts a problem-solving approach to designs, combined with virtual prototyping and simulation techniques, ensuring that all system lifecycle issues have been resolved, from definition of requirements to the simulation of operating environments. Working jointly with the customer's engineers, our designers translate technical or operating targets into design parameters, optimising the trade-off between equipment performance and design constraints.

Eurocontrol provides system support services directly to end users and system manufacturers worldwide, guaranteeing logistics assistance and maintenance feedback for at least 10 years from commissioning.

When applications require strict environmental and functional specifications, Eurocontrol develops tailor made solutions accordingly. Aspects considered for customisation include: special dimensioning - shock and vibration compatibility - EMC/EMI compatibility - hostile environmental conditions (temperature, high pressure, mechanical stress) - compliance with international standards (AQAP, MIL, STANAG, FINABEL).

The company's engineering team provides system engineering expertise for mechanical and electromechanical units and subassemblies, hardware and software. The Eurocontrol quality system has been certified in compliance with ISO 9001 since 1998 and is applied to all activities, from R&D and manufacturing through to sale and after sale services.

our products
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